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Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:31 pm
by Admin
In addition to the usual "nothing illegal, copyrighted, no threats, harassment, etc." I'm explicitly adding the following:

1. NO POLITICS. Not interested. Nope, no way. Either side, doesn't matter. As admin, I decide what "is political" and what isn't. Been through this too many times.
2. NO RELIGON. See above. This isn't the place.
3. BE POLITE. I know we get comfortable with people, we get excited, angry, mad... but lets keep it civil and respectful.
4. NO HATE SPEECH. Its a messed up world, and this forum isn't going to be involved in making it worse.

I'm sure this will be amended at some point, with or without notice. If you see something in violation of any rules, or that you feel has no place on the site, use the contact form or just send an email to admin (at) this domain.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.